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35th birthday

November 22, 2010

35th birthday, originally uploaded by onelongadventure.

It was a pretty relaxed birthday. Breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe, a long sunny drive, park time with Amos, Chicken Enchilada dinner, and cupcakes for dessert.


It’s Monday

October 25, 2010

mondays in car, originally uploaded by onelongadventure.

Every Monday we head out to the library for a fresh stack of books to read and sometimes stop in to listen to Story Time. Here Amos is previewing one of his books.

(picture taken with phone)

this year- it’s Buzz

October 25, 2010

this year- it’s Buzz, originally uploaded by onelongadventure.

Saturday night we headed downtown with some friends for some family Halloween activities. Best part for Amos, dressing up in his “super hero” costume. All night he would push the red button on his arm and pretend he was shooting lasers at bad monsters to save us. My hero.

First family camping trip

October 11, 2010



Headed out to Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia with 3 other families.  8 kids, 8 adults… a whole lot of chaos + fun.  The 3 of us stayed one extra night, the other families only one night.


Corners of my home: Day 5

October 9, 2010

Front porch.  Ready for our first family camping trip.


Click here to see C’s photo.

Corners of my home: Day 4

October 8, 2010


Not quite a “corner” of my home, but thought I would share it anyway.  I spend time on the computer while sitting in bed. The non-traditional office space.

Click here to see C’s photo.

Corners of my Home: Day 3

October 7, 2010

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